Ticket Watch – Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

As it gets closer and closer, I’ve become interested in the movement of ticket prices for the Big Ten opener here in Madison between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Wisconsin Badgers. I’ve heard of much higher than normal re-sale value on tickets for the game and have been tracking their price through the website Seatgeek.com which aggregates the pricing of all the tickets available online through services like Stubhub, eBay, and many more.  Here is the current best available prices according to Seatgeek.

Ticket prices for the Nebraska Cornhuskers @ Wisconsin Badgers game

You can click the image to enlarge or head over to Seatgeek.com yourself and see. Currently, the best deal appears to be $349 for seats that I’ve sat in for as low as $25.00 in the past. They aren’t terrible seats, but they also aren’t worth the current price.

As this game gets closer, I’m going to watch these prices just to see how they move. The atmosphere that night in Madison is going to be electric. Hopefully, it will end in another Badger win.


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